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Consulting Your Artwork

You'll hear tips, which will help you to improve your painting/drawing

  • 30 minuten
  • 85 euros
  • Online Session

Beschrijving van de dienst

As artist and teacher I find painting and drawing an amazing and therapeutic journey. It's often very pleasant and fulfilling. However it sometimes happens that we feel stuck and a bit frustrated as the results of our artwork are not how we've imagined them. We feel STUCK. I'm here to help you with constructive feedback to improve Your Artwork. In the timeframe of 30 minutes we can discuss one of your artworks. You can show the work during our Online Video Meeting or/and send it per mail ( if you have only digital version of it. After the consultation you will be able to IMPROVE the particular part you've struggled with by following few steps/exercises you'll receive from me.



Voorburg, ZH 2274SP, NLD

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