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Schilderen en tekenen | schildercursussen

Schilderlessen den Haag Voorburg Zoetermeer

Painting lessons The Hague Voorburg Zoetermeer

√  depending on the age one lesson can take 1,5 hour till 4 hours 

√  there are individual lessons, group lessons & workshops available

√  every type of lesson starts with a try-out lesson of 1,5 hour

√  after try-out lesson there will be an individual program set up 

 for workshops & group lessons they are three age categories: 5-7 years old, 8-11 years old & older than12

√  workshops & group lessons consist of max. 5 children

√  lessons are perfect for starters, intermediate and advanced students

 price starts from €50 per hour incl. standard painting & drawing materials*

 *additional costs for non standard drawing & painting materials, big size papers & canvas, mixed media choice, handmade sculptures

 individual lessons are also available in package of 10 lessons

√  location Voorburg: private art studio 

Check examples of:

Lessons KIDS ˚


Behind Artona stands Alicja, 

professional Artist and Designer. 

She is focusing on development 

& capacities of every child 

individually. During the classes 

she is teaching features such as 

proportions, scale, gradation of

the color, mixing colors, creating light & shadow effects. At her lessons your child has an opportunity for an amazing art journey in order to discover and develop its Unique Self.

ART Journey of a Child ˚