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Schilderen en tekenen | schildercursussen

Schilderlessen den Haag Voorburg Zoetermeer

Painting lessons The Hague Voorburg Zoetermeer

• depending on the age one lesson can take 1 hour till 3 hours 

• there are individual lessons, DUO & group lessons, workshops available

• every type of lesson starts with a try-out lesson of 1 hour or 1,5 hour

• after try-out lesson there will be an individual program set up 

for workshops & group lessons they are three age categories: 5-7 years old, 8-11 years old & older than12

workshops & group lessons consist of max. 5 children

• lessons are perfect for starters, intermediate and advanced students

price starts from €50 per hour incl. standard painting & drawing materials*

additional costs for non standard drawing & painting materials, big size papers & canvas, mixed media choice, handmade sculptures

individual lessons are also available in package of 10 lessons

• location Voorburg: private art studio

Lessons KIDS ˚


Behind Artona stands Alicja, 

professional Artist and Designer. 

She is focusing on development 

& capacities of every child 

individually. During the classes 

she is teaching features such as 

proportions, scale, gradation of

the color, mixing colors, creating light & shadow effects. At her lessons your child has an opportunity for an amazing art journey in order to discover and develop its Unique Self.

ART Journey of a Child ˚

Artona Kids

Artona Kids

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Level of drawing of 5 y/o student Mariam before taking classes at Artona
Level of drawing of 5 y/o student Mariam after taking classes at Artona

Alicja offers your child not only different ways to learn how to draw & paint, but most of all a personal guidance in perception
of its own world and its translation into the artHer endless creativity make sure your child gets 
unique & inspiring artistic 
journey. With some fun :)

5 Years Old Student - improving

 her skills during individual lessons


Drawing level of 16 y/o student before attending classes at Artona


Finished drawing assignment at the drawing classes at Artona
First drawing assignment of 16 y/o student at the drawing lessons at Artona
Drawing level of 16 y/o student after attending classes at Artona

15 Years Old Student - improving her skills 

during individual lessons

Beyond technical skills, Alicja also helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through art. She challenges them to think creatively, make artistic decisions, and overcome artistic challenges. These skills extend beyond the art studio and can benefit children in various aspects of their lives.

Alicja's teaching approach ensures that children not only have a fun and inspiring artistic experience, but also achieve measurable results in their artistic skills. They leave her classes with improved abilities, a deeper understanding of art, and a newfound passion for creativity.


Under Alicja's tutelage, children learn various techniques and approaches to art, honing their skills and expanding their artistic repertoire. Through practice and experimentation, they develop a solid foundation in drawing and painting, learning how to create compositions, work with color and texture, and convey emotions through their artwork.

Galery of Children's ARTworks ˚

Artona teaches how to paint & draw with different techniques. Below you can see artworks of the children. There is a wide range of materials available 

to exercise with, for example: coloured pencils, aquarelle pencils, 

inkt-ense pencils, dry pastel pencils, soft pastel, oil pastel, acrylic, 

gouache, inktecoline, mixed media and more. For children older than 12 also aquarelle paint. Most of the works are made by beginners :)

If you want to know more about the techniques, click on the link below