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Online lessons ˚

√  depending on wishes one lesson can take from 1,5 till 4 hours 

√  starts with a try-out lesson of 1,5 hour

√  after try-out lesson there will be an individual program set up for you

 individual guidance in technique and subject you wish to develop

√  is perfect for starters, intermediate and advanced students

 price starts from €35 per hour incl. painting & drawing materials *

 additional material costs for big size papers & canvas, mixed media choice,

    special techniques, inviting live model in the studio

 single lessons and packages of 10 lessons available

√  after 10 lessons you receive a certificate

√  location Voorburg: private art studio 

Check examples of:

Behind Artona stands Alicja. She is a professional Artist. She has built her experience through the years in creatief fields, where colours, perception and

observation have been driving

features. With experienced mind, 

unique talent and human approach

she helps others in their journey.

Art shapes life, becomes the

lifestyle if you allow it. Alicja creates opportunity for amazing individual art journey in order to discover your Unique Self.

Beteleur Eagle.jpg

ONLINE Lessons

  • You'll hear tips, which will help you to improve your painting/drawing

    30 min

    45 euro
  • You'll learn how to improve your painting skills

    1 hr

    85 euro
Once you Book the service, you will receive link to our  Zoom Video Meeting
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